Charm v2.6.4 available

A Charm a day month (and sometimes more) helps you code, rest and, er, code some more.

Peter Nowosad, of Qubit Consultancy Limited, has been steadily releasing new versions of his Charm programming language, which has now reached v2.6.4.

The last release of Charm noted on RISCOSitory was version 2.5.6, which appeared in June of last year, but since then there have been a number of updates, bringing it up to the most recent version, released in December – that’s eight updates in six months – with the changes between those versions being:

  • V2.5.7 Import implicitly and reorganise libraries and error handling.
  • V2.5.8 Implement cross module dynamic member variable access.
  • V2.5.9 OO compiler refactor to utilise dynamic code and data.
  • V2.6.0 Add target VFP support.
  • V2.6.1 Improve editor file buffer selection.
  • V2.6.2 Update Mandelbrot application and implement editor undo / redo.
  • V2.6.3 Remove lst directories and use curly braces for in-lining.
  • V2.6.4 Publish shell code and slow life demo frame rate.

The language is described on its website  as “a simple to learn yet powerful object oriented high level language” and includes a compiler that generates efficient code with a small memory footprint. It is supplied with a desktop shell that supports easy editing, compiling, assembling or linking of multiple files, and its source code is available under the terms of the GNU general public license (GPL) v3.

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