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Sep 092016

Horsham, Southampton, Bristol, Midlands, Wessex… Everybody talk about… pop music! No, hang on, that’s not right.

There are quite a number of user group meetings taking place over the next week, so it seems sensible to wrap them up in a single post, covering all of those up to and including next Saturday (17th September). Continue reading »

Jun 082014

If you like a lot of chocolate RISC OS in your biscuit social life, join a club!

With some announcements about upcoming meetings appearing around the same time, as well as news of possible changes to meeting dates, why not throw them all together with some bacon, lettuce and tomato in a sarnie. Except without the bacon, lettuce or tomato – since this isn’t a sarnie, it’s a RISCOSitory post. What? It’s been a long weekend! Umm… anyway… Continue reading »