Pluto 3.20 now available

Once developed as a commercial application by Jonathan Duddington, and now open sourced and freely available, the internet ‘news’ (aka usenet) and email client application Pluto has been updated to version 3.20.

Changes in this version are mainly small and include bug fixes, but the headline list includes improved article recovery notification and logging, and the number of transports (third party programs for moving messages between the local computer and the remote server) has been reduced, simplifying the code by removing code now considered redundant where the transports in question are no longer used. However, a ‘generic’ transport mechanism has been catered for, which configures a small group of system variables that could be used by such a program, provided it is able to read and write email files in the same format as other transports, such as Hermes and POPStar.

Full details of the changes can be found on the Pluto homepage (hosted by Martin Avison who, along with Rob Sprowson, has been maintaining the software). A download link from the SourceForge repository can also be found on the page, and it can also be downloaded via !Store.

Pluto is supported by a mailing list, allowing users to discuss problems and features with the software.

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