Oct 222016

Also something about a news and email client for other platforms.

Newly announced by R-Comp Interactive is a new hardware product in their RISCBook range – Windows notebook computers running a version of VirtualRiscPC. The new machine is labelled the RISCBook Go! and is an 11.6 inch ‘hybrid’ device, which can be run as a normal laptop or, with the screen flipped back, in tablet format. Prices start from £349.00 including VAT – and there will undoubtedly be some available at next week’s London Show.

The company has also announced a new version of Messenger Pro for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This is a different product to the Messenger Pro for RISC OS, though it’s written and maintained by Mark Sawle, who developed the original RISC OS version, so it does share some design paradigms. Upgrades on CD will be available at the show for £5.00 for existing customers, and users of the RISC OS version can buy it for £25.00. Another fiver will get you a printed manual.

Apr 222015

R-Comp Interactive have been producing ARM-based computers for a few years now, starting with the ARMini, then the ARMiniX, and now the newly introduced ARMSX ARMX6 – but the company has been selling computers based around x86-compatible processors, running VirtualRiscPC on Windows, for far longer, in the form of RISCubes, SpaceCubes and RISCBooks.

The latter of those ranges, the RISCBooks, now has a new member – RISCBook Essential. Continue reading »

Oct 232014

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd October, 2014.

Whilst we’ve covered things like DeleGate and ARMiniXs in other postings, we thought it would be good to just cover a few things that we’ll be showing this weekend that didn’t fit elsewhere. Continue reading »