R-Comp and RCI at the Midlands Show this weekend

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 10th July, 2014.

R-Comp and RCI are pleased to announce that we will be attending the Midlands exhibition this weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Naturally, we’ll be showing our range of ARMiniX computers, including some lower-priced entry models alongside the “all singing, all dancing” variants. As many will know, high demand meant that ARMiniX was out of stock for a number of weeks after the last show, but we are pleased to announce that stocks are back to normal again this month.

We’ll also have our RISCube/RISCbook range on display, representing some of the most advanced technologies available.

We will have the PiCano Raspberry Pi case on display and for sale, along with pre-assembled units complete with Pi. This allows you to purchase a ready-to-go Pi in a beautiful casing. The PiCano case has been covered extensively in Archive magazine, and can be seen online at www.markerdesigncrafts.com.

The show will also see the first appearance of a new, low-cost R-Comp software product, DeleGate. Designed to fulfil a need for RISC OS 5 users, but also applicable to RISC OS 4, DeleGate protects your computer from deletions, and problems caused by such accidents. It builds on protection that we supply with ARMiniX and PiPlus, and goes much further, providing security alongside more traditional “waste bin” functionality.

The design goals for the project mean that we want the software to have extensive functionality – a lengthy development! Right now, it is already providing useful protection, so we’re going to offer an “early access” scheme, whereby customers can purchase DeleGate for a reduced price now, which will rise steadily as we head towards v1.00.

This way, customers get useful software now, and can make suggestions and requests for features, whilst also saving money compared to the final release price.

DeleGate is designed to provide peace of mind, and as a great partner to our SafeStore 2 backup software.

We hope you’ll be able to make it to the show, and urge everyone to come if they can. RISC OS shows are essential dates in the RISC OS calendar, but often people tend to assume that they’ll “carry on regardless” and don’t have time to attend. Please, if you can, support the event! It’s a much more personal show than the larger ones (Wakefield/London), meaning there’s more time to discuss your needs and/or have just have a friendly chat 🙂

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