Archive volume 26 and beyond

Back in 2020 when the Archive Magazine found a new home with him after Jim Nagel sadly passed away, Gavin Smith proposed a bi-monthly publishing schedule, with each new issue expected to land on our doormats once every couple of months. Unfortunately, that didn’t come to pass for his first volume for a variety of reasons – not least of which was the timing. When he took over we were already in the throes of a pandemic, with all the ramifications of that, such as lockdowns and homeschooling, and like…

Archive 25:1 and beyond – plans and prices announced

Gavin Smith, the new editor of Archive, has announced his plans for the magazine, including an expected date for the first issue to be published with him at the helm, the schedule moving forwards – and of course subscription prices. Subscribers recently received issue 24:6 – a rounding off of the previous volume, edited and published as a fitting tribute to the late Jim Nagel by his family. The next issue, therefore, will mark the start of Gavin’s editorship by also being the start of a new volume, and that…

News nybble: Archive magazine issue 24:4 may be arriving soon

Something to read on the train on the way to the show, perhaps? A little bird has informed me that the next issue of the lesser-spotted Archive Magazine has been printed and was being bundled into envelopes the other day. With the Wakefield Show now just six days away, the obvious thing to infer is that Archive’s editor, Jim Nagel, intends for subscribers to receive their copy before the show takes place – so it can probably be expected to arrive in the next few days.

News nybble: Spot the lesser-spotted Archive at the London Show

One of the rarest species these days in the world of RISC OS is the Lesser-spotted Archive – well, more specifically, it’s new editions of the Lesser-spotted Archive. However, the London Show, which opens its doors to the public in a little over an hour from now, is expected to be the scene of a mass sighting. Jim Nagel will be bringing a hot-off-the-press new edition – volume 24, issue 2 – and subscribers attending the show will be able to collect their copy, whereas subscribers who don’t attend can…

Archive’s ex-ed cycling for charity

Have a heart: Flash that cash! Ex-editor of Archive magazine, Paul Beverley, is embarking on a 940-mile solo bicycle ride in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. He will be setting off from John o’Groats on 21st April, and aiming to cycle an average of just over 67 miles each day, to arrive back in his home town of Norwich by 5th May.

Archive 22:12 sampler, R-Comp hints at new ARM based hardware

Showing a level of initiative often sadly lacking these days in the RISC OS community, the current editor and publisher of Archive Magazine, Jim Nagel, has made available a sampler of issue 22:12 (volume 22, issue 12). His main motivation for doing this is that the physical magazine is only due back from the printers on the eve of the South West Show this coming Saturday and, as reading the sampler reveals, the news pages obviously cover the show; it’s clear that in an ideal world Jim would have liked…

Show report: Wakefield 2023

No London Show again? Read about the last Wakefield one instead! Due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, last year’s Wakefield Show morphed into the Wradfold show – Wakefield, but in Bradford – and this year, the show carried on in the same location, for much the same reason. It took place on 22nd April at the Cedar Court Hotel in – well, yes – Bradford.