The APDL Archive –

Announcement from Dave Bradforth, 10th July, 2014.

Working in conjunction with the estate of David Holden, we will shortly be launching the first stage of The APDL Archive.

This is planned to be a lasting tribute to David Holden’s work, and an invaluable resource for all users of RISC OS computers.

Ultimately it will contain much of David’s work, including the complete PD library, and a significant number of other applications.

Everything available here will be exclusive to The APDL Archive. [In the case of the PD library, the compilations are exclusive to The APDL Archive, not the applications themselves].

We will, of course, be incorporating the complete RISC World archive into The APDL Archive.

The new website will be hosted at

As new sections are ready to be released they will be enabled within the site.

The first stage of this, which is expected to be the PD library, will be released shortly.

The second stage is the RISC World archive, which will follow soon after.

Both myself and Aaron [Timbrell] believe that an archive of Dave Holden’s work is the best lasting tribute, and ultimately what he would have done himself should he have left the market.

Please allow us the time to prepare this in such a fashion as to do Dave Holden’s work justice.

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