Biggest sale ever – a (now belated) Christmas story

The PiCano case for the Raspberry Pi has always been sold in small numbers. Most of the time orders of a single case, sometimes two or three in one order. This makes shipping very expensive, and profit non-existent. Large mail order companies sell large volumes each day, and therefore get special prices with free returns… […]

Step by step guides

How to: Draw a glass button in eight steps

The following is a step-by-step guide to producing a glass-topped button, where a glassy surface covers the underlying button and any image depicted thereon. The steps are geared towards ArtWorks2, the premier vector editing package for RISC OS, and there is a supporting file on my website showing the full eight steps in ArtWorks format. […]


Feature: Black PiCano case for the Raspberry Pi

Pi looks good in a little black number. Steve Royd-Marker, the designer of the PiCano case for the Raspberry Pi, first launched at the RISC OS eXperience, 2013, and sold in the UK by R-Comp, has been in touch with a couple of photographs of a black PiCano case, and some explanatory text to go […]