PiCano case for Raspberry Pi now available in the UK

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that the popular “PiCano” case for the Raspberry Pi is now available in the UK. As the exclusive UK distributor, we will have PiCano on display, and for sale, at the Wakefield Show this weekend.

The Picano multi-function case for the Raspberry Pi - photo by Manu T.
The Picano multi-function case for the Raspberry Pi – photo by Manu T.

For those unfamiliar with PiCano, it is an elegent, modern enclosure for a Raspberry Pi which can be used as either a stand-alone case, or as a mounting to attach a Pi to the rear of a monitor or TV.

The PiCano has an anodised aluminium finish (for durability), and a translucent core, to set off your Raspberry Pi in the best light. It has been designed entirely on RISC OS, even down to its instruction sheet which is printed from well-known RISC OS graphics/DTP software!

The case is designed to be scalable/stackable for expansion (if needed) and provides mechanisms for cable routing to keep unsightly wires at bay.

PiCano is easy to assemble – the name is designed to elicit fond memories of assembling models from many users’ childhoods, and so the PiCano case will take about 5-10 minutes to construct with your Pi.

We can offer pre-assembled units complete with Raspberry Pis already installed, but please ask for details. If you want one of these for the show, please let us know ASAP for obvious reasons.

More information and pictures can be found at www.markerdesigncrafts.com which illustrates the various points mentioned above, and gives further details (e.g. heat dissipation for over-clockers, and so on). It is also featured in the latest issue of Archive Magazine where its designer Steve Royd-Marker explains the various features and design elements and how the project was originally conceived.

PiCano costs £39.95 inclusive of VAT, and is available now.

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