SystemDisc 1.01 now available

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Announcement from Ben Avison of Piccolo Systems, 18th November, 2013

Piccolo Systems is pleased to announce the immediate release of SystemDisc 1.01.

SystemDisc is a general-purpose tool for managing the system software on modern RISC OS systems. The benefits of using SystemDisc over the pre-existing solutions include:

  • Easily and quickly initialise new SD cards for booting your RISC OS system, entirely from within RISC OS.
  • Detect and fix common problems.
  • Use the entirety of large SD cards for RISC OS data.
  • Bring the benefits enjoyed by Raspberry Pi users, who don’t require a separate boot USB stick in addition to an SD card, to other RISC OS platforms – you get the increased speed of SDFS, and less clutter on your desk too!

This is a bugfix release, and mainly affects those wishing to create very large boot cards – 64 GB or larger.

  • Fixed failure to format the boot partition with certain combinations of format parameters – this manifested itself as an endless hourglass.
  • No longer offers to create boot partitions larger than 4 GB; these could not be accessed as an image file under FileCore E+ format.
  • When launching the ROOL downloads web page, now scrolls to the section that holds the disc archives.
  • Fixed failure to launch FormatDisc correctly (when it becomes available!)

SystemDisc 1.01 is a free upgrade for existing customers, who can download it from the Piccolo Systems download page.