Titanium PC and keyboard offer from Elesar

If you’ve been pondering a new RISC OS computer, there are quite a range available, but most new hardware is based on the operating system having been ported to an ARM-based platform that exists for other reasons (or other operating systems). Similarly, if you’d like a new keyboard, there are plenty to choose from, but almost none with a RISC OS connection.

However, both of these issues can be addressed with kit available from Elesar. The company is behind Titanium, an ARM-based system designed specifically to run RISC OS, and a range of very nice mechanical keyboards, with not only a colour scheme that brings to mind the BBC Micro’s keyboard, but which are also available with a RISC OS cog ‘logo’ key.

And for December (while stocks last, obviously) the company is offering a neat package deal; a RISC OS Titanium PC in smart black case, along with one of their keyboards – all for the price of the former, meaning the keyboard is free!

The computer itself is based around the Titanium system board, which features 2GB RAM and a Cortex-A15 processor clocked at 1.5GHz. This is housed in a CiT S003B desktop case – which can be used horizontally under the monitor or, with a supplied stand, upright as a tower – and is fitted with a fast 128GB SSD with RISC OS 5 pre-loaded. Optical media is provided for via the built-in DVD drive, and there’s also space for another disc drive should one be needed.

The CiT S003B case housing Elesar's Titanium
The CiT S003B case housing Elesar’s Titanium.

The usual VAT inclusive price for the Titanium computer system is £762.00, while the for they keyboard it’s £69.60 – but the December offer means £762.00 will get you the two.

Ordinarily, you’d also have to pay for carriage on top of that, but if you get your order in quick (and if you’re heading to the MUG RISC OS Xmas Market (which will take place next Saturday in Wychbold) you can avoid that – Elesar will be at the show, and will bring along any goods ordered by customers to collect on the day.

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