ROUGOL taking a trip out of this world

These are the voyages of the user group ROUGOL!

Had circumstances allowed it to go ahead, the London Show this year would have taken place on Saturday, 29th October. However, things being what they are, the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL), who organises the show, had no choice but to cancel the event.

As an alternative, an extraordinary ROUGOL meeting has been arranged for the same day – and it is an extraordinary one; so much so that it’s positively out of this world, with the group boldly going where no RISC OS user group has gone before. On the day that the show should have taken place, members of the group and anyone who cares to join them – in person only – will be heading to the Science Museum, for:

Science Fiction – Voyage to the Edge of Imagination
Guided by ALANN – ALgorithmic Artificial Neural Network

The exhibition takes you on a virtual trip into space, starting with a shuttle ride to the Starship Azimuth for a voyage to an unknown planet. Look out along the way for authentic objects and hidden references from well known films, TV shows, and books – and do so in the company of fellow RISC OS users.

The core group is aiming for the 3:00pm take off, so if you wish to join them, try to book your tickets for then – but if that trip is full, go for either 2:45pm or 3:15pm, which will allow everyone to meet up aboard the Azimuth. And don’t forget you’ll need to book a ticket for the museum itself, as well (the exhibition is on the first floor) – but that means you can arrive much earlier and explore the very developments that lead to science fiction writers extrapolating on what might come next, and where it might lead. With the tickets booked, on the day you need to head for:

Science Museum,
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington,

Upon returning to Earth, the group will make a pilgrimage to see the gold plated BBC Micro, which is on display at the Science Museum, and watch a video of Sophie Wilson and Hermann Hauser, in which they talk about the development of the ARM processor.

Finally, the group will head off to round the day off with some refreshments, and some general (RISC OS related or otherwise) chit chat. To this end, a reservation has been made for 6:30pm in the Petworth Room at the group’s regular venue:

The Duke of Sussex
23 Baylis Road

The mission to outer space might not be for everyone – perhaps you don’t have a head for heights, for example – so you could always skip that part and head straight to the pub.

If you are planning on joining ROUGOL for this five year one day mission, please contact the group so they have a rough idea of numbers – and don’t forget that you’ll need to book your own tickets for the Science Museum and the exhibition.

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