ROD comes to WROCC – 12th January

Shifting by one week from the normal first Wednesday of the month – and separate from the planned physical meeting schedule, which is every other even month – the first first Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting of this year will be a virtual one, open for anyone with an interest to attend.

It will take place on Wednesday, 12th January, starting at 7:45pm, and the guest speaker will be Andrew Rawnsley, discussing the latest news from RISC OS Developments (ROD) and sharing their thoughts and plans for the operating system in 2022.

The company began life only a few years ago, the result of a question asked on the subject of developing (or porting) a web browser. Initial discussions, along with a hush-hush round of tentative fundraising, took place at the Southwest Show in 2017, and by the Wakefield Show of the same year Andrew had joined forces with Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet to form the new company and proceed with plans to develop a browser.

Since then, the company has progressed beyond that original plan and, with the web browser remaining a key project – currently in development as Iris – has acquired RISC OS itself and made it open source, acquired Impression, and more, proving itself to be a strength for good for the RISC OS market and community.

The meeting will be held via the Zoom video conferencing system, using the same access details as last time. If you have those details, therefore, you can join the meeting – but if you don’t and wish to attend, please get in touch with the Club as soon as possible to be provided with the necessary log-in information.

While the virtual meeting is free to attend and not limited to members, why not consider joining the Club anyway for other benefits, such as free entry into physical meetings when they take place (for which non-members are usually charged £3.00), access to the Club’s online forum, and receipt of their monthly PDF newsletter, The WROCC? Membership costs £15.00 annually, but is discounted to just £7.50 for the first year.

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