RISCOSbits announces ‘RISC OS Rewards’ scheme

Also, you may or may not already know, but Ovation Pro is now free to download.

RISCOSbits has launched a new initiative aimed at rewarding loyal RISC OS users for their continuing patronage by offering a discount on future purchases.

The ‘RISC OS Rewards’ scheme allows for a 10% discount against the purchase of any computer system available from the PiHard website, including the ‘Fourtify’ option that provides a way to upgrade an existing Raspberry Pi 4 system to one of those on offer.

There are two main ways to qualify for the discount, the first and more obvious one is to be an existing RISCOSbits customer – for which RISCOSbits’ Andy Marks will have a record, though you’ll need to help him find it by telling him when and what you purchased.

The second way is a nod from Andy to the excellent work over the years by David Pilling, now that he has made Ovation Pro freely available, paying tribute to his work and to people who have supported David by purchasing that particular application. To qualify for the 10% discount from RISCOSbits, therefore, you simply need to prove ownership of a ‘paid for’ version of Ovation Pro for RISC OS.

In either case, Andy notes that if you wish to take advantage of the offer, rather than just order an item from the website, you should first get in contact using the contact form on the RISCOSbits website, or directly by email if you have a contact address. This will enable him to arrange for the discount to be applied ahead of your purchase.

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