Wakefield show postponed until further notice

Due to the growing health crisis surrounding COVID-19 (the infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2), it has been announced that the Wakefield Acorn and RISC OS Computer Show will now NOT go ahead on 18th April.

The organisers – the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club – have expressed regret at this decision, but it is an entirely understandable one and, all things considered, nobody should be surprised by it.

Exhibitors can expect to hear directly from the group about this in the next few days.

Keep your eyes on your regular RISC OS news sources, though, because further announcements can be expected in due course, as and when things become clearer; at some point it will once again be possible to hold the event, and whenever it eventually goes ahead, it will STILL be the 25th show run by the group.

When it does happen, folks, let’s make it a good one!

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