Use a USB mouse with an Archimedes

If you have an Archimedes computer that sports the mini 9-pin round socket for connecting the mouse to the computer, thanks to Karl Clark you now have a wider choice of mouse to use. Karl is selling a new interface called ArcMouse, a compact adapter that allows a standard USB mouse to be connected.

The device allows the majority of wired USB mice to be connected, and even a some wireless models from Logitech and Philips; specifically those that use the Unifying Receiver and MX Series, M220, M330, and M590.

No drivers are required; ArcMouse (and the mouse) can be simply plugged in and used right away; the mouse works as a three-button device, with the scroll wheel button acting as the middle/MENU button.

Priced at £25.99, with free delivery in the UK, the device offers a neat solution to replacing a potentially expensive, older style mouse.

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