Watch out for pythons in the Midlands

Sorry, I mean, discuss Python with the Midlands User Group

The Midlands User Group (MUG) will be holding their next meeting on Saturday (6th March, 2021), starting at 2:00pm, at which the Python programming language will be the subject of discussion.

Like BBC BASIC, Python is a high-level, easy to learn interpreted language – but unlike BBC BASIC, Python doesn’t come with RISC OS as standard, though ports have been available to the platform of a few select versions. Recently, however, RISC OS has been brought kicking and screaming into the modern world with a port of version 3.8 by Chris Johns, and it is now up to version 3.8.8, with a beta 3.10 port also available.

Saturday’s MUG meeting will feature an overview of the language, and how to use this popular language.

The meeting will be held via the Zoom video conferencing system, so you will need to have a suitable device on which to run it – all of the mainstream platforms are covered – and the log-in details for the meeting. Attendees of other recent MUG meetings will already have these, but anyone else who wishes to attend can simply contact the group to request them. There is no charge for admission to the Zoom meetings – other than for refreshments, which you buy in advance yourself, and store in your own home until the meeting takes place, giving you absolute control over your choice of snack.

Keen observers will notice that the meeting seems to be taking place on the wrong date – ordinarily, Midlands User Group meetings take place on the third Saturday of odd months, but these have been provisionally changed to the first Saturday of each month for the rest of 2021, to be reviewed when restrictions on physical meetings are lifted.

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