WaitUntil version 2.07

Actually, don’t wait at all – it’s available to download now!

WaitUntil is a small program that can be called from an Obey file, and causes the execution of that file to be paused until a specified condition is met. Meanwhile, the rest of the RISC OS system carries on operating as normal, and remains fully usable. An option is also provided that allows the program to be run from TaskObey files in order to achieve the same goals.

The conditions WaitUntil can check for are whether or not a file exists, or whether it has been opened or closed, whether a particular system variable is set, whether a given application is running, and whether a certain amount of time has passed.

When called, the program runs just like any other multitasking program, except that it does so silently, without opening any windows. Whenever it becomes the active task, it checks to see if the condition has been satisfied – if it has, the program can end, allowing the Obey file to continue, but if not it remains active and relinquishes control to RISC OS.

With recent builds only having been issued to a small number of people, the version available to download has not been updated in line with those builds – so the new release addresses that, and also brings with it a change to the program’s licence terms; it can now be distributed with your own projects with no need to seek the permission of its developer, Vince Hudd.

Other changes leading up to version 2.07 include the addition of new command line switches to report the program’s version number, and to specify the amount of time the program will remain idle whenever it passes control back to RISC OS.

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