CJE taking advance orders for the RISC OS London Show

As anyone who has ever attended a RISC OS show must undoubtedly know, CJE Micro’s tend to have a stand overflowing with goods with which to tempt punters. However, clearly admitting that contrary to popular belief they don’t use a TARDIS to transport them and their stock to and from shows, Chris Evans points out that “Whilst we will have our normal show stock and a few extras with us on Saturday we are often asked at shows for items we haven’t brought with us.”

People are therefore asked that they place any ‘special orders’ (stop snickering at the back – he means obscure items that they might not normally bring along, or items where delivery would normally be a large part of the cost) in advance of the show. Any such orders need to be placed by the close of business on Thursday.

Similarly, while the charity stand at the show can’t accept CRT monitors, CJE are able to take AKF50s, 52s and 53s – but because they are using a car, and not a TARDIS, space is very limited, so if you have such a monitor to get rid of, you do need to arrange it with them first.

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