RISCOSbits serves up a Black Friday bargain

Today is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving in them there United States of Overpuddle, a day that has become known as Black Friday, with retailers putting varying levels of reduction on their wares. This tradition has been expanding in recent years, both in duration and in distance, and we have seen Black Friday sales well beyond the Overpuddlian shores, including in our own little RISC OS community.

This year, RISCOSbits has put up a special offer to celebrate the day after a day that isn’t special in any way on this side of the Puddle, with the limited edition FOURtress Lite.

The recently announced FOURtress is a system based around the Raspberry Pi 4, housed in an off-the-shelf aluminium case that doubles up as a heatsink for the Pi, allowing it to be clocked at 2.1GHz with no signs of discomfort. The case measures just 107x99x34mm, so it won’t take up much shelf space, and yet has adequate space to allow the various ports on the Pi to be routed to its rear, allowing for a tidier desk.

This Lite edition of the FOURtress comes with the RISC OS 5.28 and a 2GB software bundle on a 32GB class 10 micro-SD card – all for £99 plus postage.

The original RISCOSbits announcement ended with a pun-laden paragraph, but… well… I think I’ll just quote it in full for your own, er, enjoyment (?).

So, Dasher on over to www.pihard.co.uk/blackfriday.htm to Comet to getting your hands on a FOURtress Lite. You’d be Cupid not to – you Donner want to miss out on this offer! Be quick, there might be a bit of a Blitzen!

Ahem. Yes. Well. Quite.

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