Wakefield 2015 approaches!

Precisely five days from now, it’ll all be over!

The 2015 Wakefield Show – the 20th show organised by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club – takes place this coming Saturday, 25th April, with the doors open to the public from 10:30am, and shut again at 16:30pm – so as a discerning RISC OS user, the place you’ll want to be on Saturday is:

The Cedar Court Hotel,
Denby Dale Road,
Calder Grove,
West Yorkshire,
WF4 3QZ.

For those coming by car, the venue is a stone’s throw from M1 junction 39 – turn left at the junction if you’re Northbound on the motorway, and right if you’re Southbound – and for those coming by train, there will be a free  minibus, provided by TJ Travel, operating between the new Wakefield Westgate Station and the show venue. Entry into the show itself will cost a crisp fiver, with kids aged twelve or below accompanied by an adult getting in for free.

A full list of confirmed exhibitors and a provisional floorplan can be found on the show website, with a wide variety of well known, less well known, and even some new names, and covering everything from the 8-bit days of the BBC computer, to the latest 32-bit hardware.

One of the new names is Amcog Games, who will be releasing a brand new game at the show. Followers of the RISC OS Open forums will already be aware of the game, and may even have played early test versions – but the Wakefield Show will see that game, Overlord officially launched – it will be available to purchase on CD, or as a digital download.

Show organisers WROCC will be releasing the fifth edition of their Newsletter Back Catalogue CD, updated with the last twelve months’ issues, bringing it up to the end of Volume 32 in March 2015 – which means it now contains over 380 editions of the newsletter, going all the way back to April 1983. The group will also be running a prize draw, with the first prize being a brand new Raspberry Pi 2, and the second prize being a copy of RiscCAD.

R-Comp will be showing off the new ARMX6 computer, as well as PiFi, their new RISC OS-friendly WiFi solution, and will probably have a number of other updates ready for the show – they usually do!

Another new machine likely to be on show is the new IGEPv5-based computer from CJE Micro’s. There’s no real news on the status of the machine as yet, but with a competition underway to come up with a snappy name, it’s reasonable to assume progress is being made.

Both R-Comp and CJE Micro’s will be giving theatre presentations, at which they will be discussing their new and in-development products, and other presentations will be given by RISC OS Open Ltd, Sine Nomine Software, and QUANTUM featuring Zarchos – another new name.

So, all that remains to be said is – see you there!

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