KPDFUtil now offers PDF to PNG conversion

With its first release less than a month ago, Kevin Wells’ latest application, KPDFUtil, has seen an update – its second since release.

The software acts as a front-end for PDFUtils – a set of command-line utilities that allow you to carry out various processes on PDF files – and therefore makes their use easier, with no need to remember the commands and the options they provide.

Version 1.02 of KPDFUtil adds support for the pdftoppm command, which will convert pages from a PDF file into bitmap images, and Kevin has specifically catered for conversion to PNG.

The PDF to PNG conversion window in KPDFUtil
The PDF to PNG conversion window in KPDFUtil

You can choose whether the images produced are colour, greyscale, or monochrome, and whether there is a transparency – and you can choose whether to convert every page into a PNG, or all odd or even pages, or to specify a range of pages.

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