RISCOSbits launching new Wispy products at Wakefield

Providers of a WiFi solution in the form of Wispy, which allows RISC OS computers to access wireless network connections, RISCOSbits will be at Saturday’s Wakefield Show with a number of new products in the range.

  • Wispy H is a cheap and simple add-on for a Raspberry Pi Zero WH which, when combined with R-Comp’s PiFi version 3, makes a very small and compact wireless adaptor for RISC OS.
  • Wispy V is a Chinese ethernet-wireless bridge that comes with specially written instructions demonstrating how to set up the device on RISC OS using Otter or Qupzilla, or by setting it up via a smartphone for use on RISC OS.
  • Wispy Z is based on RISCOSbits’ own si.zeRO add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Zero W, and R-Comp’s PiFi 3.

The company will also have a stock of the original Wispy software available to purchase on USB flash drive, which was recently updated to use the Chromium web browser by default.

The RISCOSbits product range doesn’t end at Wispy, of course, and the company will have stocks of their RISC OS-themed cases such as the PiCog, PiSSDup, Deuce, and UniqAce, all with various SSD storage options.

Going beyond cases, the company also sells a range of fully configured, small-footprint computer systems such as the Qadro, developed around the Wandboard Quad, and coming with a four-port USB hub and 2.5 inch SSD. Another option is the PiHard, based around a Raspberry Pi with a 2.5 inch SSD for storage – and there will be a few special edition PiHard with a Vengeance computers to buy at the show, based around a special adaptor board to control an SSD and provide all the connection ports on one side of the case.

Coming with an optional PiSSDup adaptor, the PiRO is another Raspberry Pi-based system that ensures the low footprint isn’t just the amount of space it takes on your desk, but also its cost to you.

And if the PiRO is still too large, the si.zeRO will also be available. Based around the Raspberry Pi Zero, and with an overall volume of 0.07 litres, this is probably the smallest RISC OS computer available – but even at that size it comes with two USB ports and an ethernet port.

There will also be new docks to complement R-Comp’s mini.m computer, as well as other SolidRun CuBox machines. These come in two forms, either as a square dock for mSATA, or as a slightly larger dock to incorporate both mSATA and a four port USB hub – and there will be suitable mSATA drives available for both these docks and the PiSSDup adaptor.

And finally, as well as a selection of other regular items from the RISCOSbits catalogue, such as PiPODs, RiscPODs, case skins, and so on, there will also be a number of less regular items – such as a Motorola Lapdock with a Pi Zero, or an AOC 2560×1440 monitor.

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