News nybble: IDE Interface Mini Podule now available from CJE Micro’s

In October CJE Micro’s launched a ZIDEFS full size podule, and this year they are following it with a mini podule version, suitable for Archimedes A3000, A3010, A3020, or A4000, and providing the machine with a 44-pin connection for rotating drives, Compact Flash card, or SD card.

With support for up to four partitions, and a number of other features, the mini podule can be bought with a 44-pin male connector or a 44-way female connector, for £89.00. If you want some storage as well, £139.00 will get you the podule either with a CF adaptor and 2GB CF card, or an SD adaptor and 2GB SD card – set up as 4 x 512MB partitions in either case.

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