SiteMatch 2.42c,d,e beta featuring forced uploads

Well, maybe a little gentle persuasion

SiteMatch is a website management tool that designed to automate the process of uploading new and changed files in a website, by analysing the local copy and comparing information about the files within to the information stored the last time it carried out this process. Any files it doesn’t recognise, or whose attributes have changed, can be uploaded (using FTPc v1.29 or higher) to the remote server, with the new information about what’s what stored for comparison the next time. The software can also copy new and changed files to another location on your local network, which makes it useful as a simple backup tool.

Originally written by Dave Edwards, the software is now maintained by Richard Porter who announced the release of version 2.42c, a beta version, earlier this month. This version presents the user with a new menu option, whereby an upload can include all unchanged objects with a date/time stamp that is later than a selected object.

According to Richard, “this is a somewhat crude facility to get you out of trouble if things have gone wrong on the server and you want to upload everything that was created or changed after a certain point in time. It won’t be able to repeat deletes that have been lost by doing a reset.”

Richard also notes that by restoring the backup copy of your website, you can “go back one step.”

Hot on the heels of version 2.42c came two more versions: 2.42d, which sees the FTP script file in Scrap and 2.42e, which deals with a bug preventing new sites to be added.

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