Bug fixes for MPData+

With a general election so recently behind us and a new set of Members of Parliament now in the House of Commons, Kevin Wells has released a new version of MPData+ – his application that allows RISC OS users to access data about their local MP.

The software uses Wget to access information available from the TheyWorkForYou website. Version 1.17 sees a couple of corrections that relate to the newness of MPs.

Firstly, the Maiden Speech button would crash if clicked, but the MP being checked had not yet made their speech. To avoid this, the button no longer appears until the MP has done so, leaving an empty space in its place. Where there is a Maiden Speech button, clicking it launches a web page showing the transcript.

Secondly, where an MP had spoken or asked written questions fewer than four times, there were buttons in the Debates window that apparently did nothing. The window shows the last four debates, with a button to open a web page showing the relevant transcript, so I presume Kevin means there were a full set of four buttons, even if there weren’t debates associated with them.

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