Ident Computer at Wakefield meeting – 7th February

The first chance to see the Raspberry Pi-powered [ desk lamp / IoT Torch / projector-equipped system / other ]1!

Ident Computer‘s Tom Williamson will be the guest speaker at the next Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club meeting, which takes place at 7:45pm on Wednesday, 7th February, at:

West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club,
Sandal Hall Close (Off Walton Lane),
WF2 6ER.

Tom will talking about his experiences in the Acorn and RISC OS world, covering his first introduction and use of Acorn kit, through to the development of the Micro One, a Raspberry Pi-based kit computer with its custom build of RISC OS, and how he got from one point to the other.

Amongst other things, preserving and restoring BBC Micros, exhibiting them at Raspberry Jams and similar events, and developing a game for both RISC OS and the BBC, all form part of that journey – which doesn’t stop at the Micro One. Tom is gearing up to launch his new product, another kit computer called the Ident CE, and the WROCC meeting will be the first opportunity to get an exclusive look at it, and hear about the processes and technologies that have made it possible.

The meeting is free for members, while non-members will need to pay an entry fee of £3.00 – but with annual membership costing £15.00 per year, discounted to £7.50 in the first year, joining is something to give serious thought to.

That equates to attendance of five meetings normally, or two and a half meetings in that first year, but there are other benefits, such as monthly newsletter, the WROCC, is sent out by email to members in PDF format, featuring news, opinion, and hints and tips. Members also have access to a private mailing list, where they discuss anything RISC OS-related, free from the general ‘noise’ of usenet and other public forms.


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