July’s cloak and dagger meeting in Southampton

Venue a highly guarded secret, revealed only to those who know the code1

The Southampton RISC OS Users Group normally meets in the Itchen College Sports Centre, but there is a change of venue for their July meeting – to a top secret location, the actual address of which is a highly guarded secret1.

Why is this? Perhaps it’s because someone from Southampton attended ROUGOL‘s June meeting, the subject of which was Cryptography and Security, and developed an unhealthy sense of paranoia as a result – after all, they really ARE out to get you – and has since bought a lifetime’s supply of tinfoil hats, etc.

At the opposite end of the range of possibilities is that the usual venue is simply unavailable this time round – and that is, in fact, the reason given in the announcement. This is apparently “due to their students’ final year exhibition.”

Yeah, right, pull the other one – it’s got bells RF detectors on it!

The date of the meeting is Tuesday, 11th July, and the timing is the same as usual: it’s set to start for around 7:00pm, and is expected to run until around 9:00pm. The venue, however, is in the home of someone who we shall just refer to as Jeff2.

The location is allegedly just a few minutes from junction 3 of the M27, in Toton – unless that’s the location of a dead drop you can visit to find the true address – and organiser Andrew Conroy says that if you need directions (and, indeed, the address) you should email him, and all will be revealed. It can’t really be that simple, can it?

Apparently, yes, it can!


  1. Or, as the above makes clear, revealed to those who simply ask!
  2. Which is mainly because that’s the temporary host’s actual name – if you believe the announcement, anyway. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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