RISC OS-friendly monitors from R-Comp at the London Show

R-Comp Interactive, who fairly recently announced that they had sourced some new 24 and 27 inch televisions that were suitable for use with the ARMini and other BeagleBoard based computers, will be bringing a selection of 23, 24 and 27 inch monitors to the RISC OS London Show on Saturday 29th October. These screens are tested to produce excellent results at high resolutions on a variety of computers, including R-Comp’s ARMini and RISCube ranges, BeagleBoards, PCs, and also older computers with an analogue output such as the IYONIX or A9home. They will also work with RiscPCs, but at slightly lower resolutions.

“Given that finding high-resolution screens that meet the exacting requirements of the above range of machines isn’t easy, we felt this was worth announcing.” write’s R-Comp’s Andrew Rawnsley.

Encouraging people to future-proof their purchases, Andrew says that while arrangements can be made to supply something smaller to those customers who would prefer it, monitors tend to be replaced (not upgraded, as we’re all so used to doing with our computers), pointing out that “some of the new LED-backlit monitors are so svelt/slim that they’ll fit in spaces where you might previously have gone for a ‘smaller’ screen.”

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