Chris Hall visits ROUGOL to help decide which computer really is best!

Erm… best for you, that is, because it’s subjective, innit?

Chris Hall will be visiting the RISC OS User Group of London on Monday, 17th October, to give a talk entitled ‘System Comparisons’ in which he will look at the various new systems available that can be used to run RISC OS – whether they are full-blown, ready to use computers sold by the likes of R-Comp and CJE Micro’s, or simply system boards and DIY kits, for which additional components are needed such as (for that full Blue Peter experience) some sticky-back plastic, pipe cleaners and a used washing up liquid bottle1.

Considering that it’s now some 18 years since the closure of Acorn’s Workstations Division (and subsequently the company itself), the current range of systems that are available is quite remarkable. Anyone considering upgrading from an older computer such as an Iyonix or the iconic RiscPC, therefore, has quite a choice facing them, with each of the new platforms offering its own advantages and disadvantages.

Chris has a range of modern RISC OS computers – in some cases, more than one of each of the current systems – and has spent some time trying them out, producing benchmarks, and reporting on his findings (alternatively, to keep that in the context of the site, go to Chris’ RISC OS site and click on ‘Comparison’ under ‘Hardware’ in the left frame). Those findings will form the basis of his presentation on Monday, where visitors will hopefully be able to see demonstrations of ARMX6, IGEPv5, Titanium and several models of Raspberry Pi, all running RISC OS, and available for hands-on testing.

With this year’s London Show now only two weeks away – slightly less than that from the date of the meeting – this could be an ideal opportunity for anyone still considering their options to see the different machines in action, try them out, and question someone who has experience of them all, in order to decide what to buy at the show.

The meeting is expected to start at around 7:45pm, on Monday, 17th October, at:

The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs, in the restaurant),
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

There is no admittance fee, and the venue – which sells a range of hot and cold food, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – is easily found a short walk (through well lit main streets with CCTV coverage) from either of London Bridge and Borough tube stations, and there is ample cycle parking nearby.

For those crazy enough to brave driving in central London, Congestion Charging ends at 6:00pm – much earlier than the meeting time – but you need to consider traffic and parking, and ROUGOL’s advice, as ever, is to allow extra time, patience, and maps!

In the event that you need help reaching the venue, the group can be contacted by email, by telephone on 07970 211 629, or by contacting @rougol on Twitter.

For those unable to come along to the meeting, Chris gave a similarly themed talk to the Midlands User Group on 17th September, and a video recording of that meeting is available to watch on the RISCOSitory YouTube channel.


  1. Some – or possibly all – of things may not be necessary at all. And, although the possibility hasn’t been suggested, just for clarification, it is unlikely that Chris will be assisted by the likes of Valerie Singleton, Sarah Greene, or Konnie Huq. He is also unlikely to utter the words “Get down, Shep!”.

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