New from Kevsoft: StreetFix

Kevin Wells has released a brand new application, StreetFix – near the bottom of the Political and Civic Tools section – which makes viewing and reporting neighbourhood problems, such as broken lampposts, a doddle.

To view local issues that have already been reported, you just need to enter the postcode. The application will then retrieve the ten latest reports that have been made for that postcode and display them in a window. Clicking on the description for any one of these will launch your web browser (if it isn’t already running) to show a web page with details for that issue.

At the top of the same window is a button labelled “Report a Problem”, and clicking that will also lead to a web page being opened in your web browser, this time for adding a problem in the neighbourhood.

The data on local issues is drawn from the FixMyStreet website using wget – so that is also needed to use Kevin’s new application – and it is pages on that site that it opens for both viewing and reporting problems. (In the latter case, the website automatically sends the report to the correct local authority.)

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