VGA connectors for ARMX6

It may be old skool, but some people still have old skreens.

Following the recent OS upgrade from R-Comp for their ARMSX ARMX6 computer, which – amongst other things – enhanced the HDMI capabilities of the machine, the company is now able to offer a means to connect the computer to older display hardware that needs an analogue VGA connection.

One area where this may be useful, for example, would be for those people who have an older, VGA-only projector that they would like to use with the computer – such as if they need to give a presentation. The other options would be to use an older computer with the projector, or bin the projector and buy a new one.

Another situation where using VGA might be useful is for those who use more than one computer with a single keyboard, mouse and screen, and might still have an old-style KVM (keyboard, video, mouse – a device that offers connections for one of each to be fed to multiple computers, with any one computer being the active one at any one time).

With VGA being an old technology – where it is provided on modern displays, it is very much a ‘legacy’ provision for the benefit of those with older hardware that they need to connect to the display – R-Comp says they can’t guarantee the best picture quality using this method, but nonetheless the option is available, and they will have a stock of connectors to enable this at the Southwest Show on Saturday.

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