Overlord now available from !Store

Fly me to the moon and let me play amongst the stars take the fight to them!

Wakefield newby Anthony Vaughan Bartram, who developed a new game for RISC OS over the course of about nine months running up to the show, has now made that game available from !Store.

Released under the moniker Ambiguous Contrasts Games – a name derived from Anthony’s similarly named band –  Overlord is a commercial offering, priced at £9.99, and the back cover of the CD case (if you have a physical copy) informs you:

The Resistance have sent you on a mission to slip through the Overlords’ defences and reach their home planets. Shoot asteroids to get shield energy, collect power-ups and follow any additional mission objectives.

Remember that your heroism brings hope to all oppressed by Overlord tyranny and that one day we will all be free.

Anthony describes Overlord as a 3D space shoot-em-up. There are beginner and master modes, and the game features multiple missions, power-ups, wormholes, mini black holes, and much more. As well as English, the game can also be played in French or German.

The game is written in BBC BASIC, and not crunched or hidden in any way – and the licence notes that not only can it be used as “a reference for general game development” but also that “portions of the code may be used to create derivative works.”

Developed on a Raspberry Pi model B, it has been tested on a Pi 2, BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, Iyonix and an ARMSX ARMX6, as well as on VirtualRiscPC (running RISC OS 4.02).

Did I mention Anthony is in a band? Ambiguous Contrasts consists of Anthony and fellow musician Simon Very, and the duo – who currently have an EP called ‘You Deleted Me‘ available to purchase – are responsible for the game’s 47 minutes of original music, including seven in-game themes.

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