New version of alternative help app floats into view

No helium, hydrogen or hot air required.

Steve Fryatt has released a new version of Floating Help, aka Float, bringing the application up to version 1.00 – its first ‘full’ release. A test build of the software earlier in the month aside, this is the first update to the software since 2003, when version 0.36 was released.

Float is intended as a direct replacement for the Help application found amongst the standard applications that are supplied with RISC OS. Unlike Help, which displays help messages in a fixed window, Float displays the messages in small panes that move around with the mouse. It also offers configuration options not found in the default application.

User facing changes between version 0.36 and version 1.00 include an improved Choices interface, allowing ‘ignored’ applications to be easily set, along with a number of changes to the user interface, such as the addition of a ‘Website’ button to the application’s ‘About the program’ window, and a ‘Help’ item added to the icon bar menu. Under the hood, there have been a number of bug fixes, such as the interactive help code being more tolerant of unexpected input, and an RMA memory leak being dealt with.

The new version is licenced under the EUPL version 1.1 – an open source licence to which Steve has been gradually moving all of his applications over the last couple of years.

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