MeCard support added to QrCodes

A graphical way to say “Here’s me card, guv…”

Kevin Wells has updated his application for generating QR Codes to add support for ‘MeCards’.

QR (or ‘Quick Response’) codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be used to encode more information than the typical bar codes you might see on a tin of beans in the supermarkets, and can hold textual information, URLs, and more – such as contact details.

And that’s where MeCards fit in. A MeCard is simply a set of contact details encoded into a QR Code, which can provide a quick way to input those details into a contact database than typing them in; just scan the QR Code instead.

Kevin’s application, QrCodes, is now able to generate a QR Code based on a set of contact details. With the details input, the software makes use of Wget to pass the information to the goQR website and retrieve the QR Code it generates. That QR code can then be saved and used in your own stationery so that other people can easily use it to add your details to their own contact lists.

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