TBX C++ library 0.7.3 alpha released

TBX is a library from Alan Buckley, designed to help with the development of Toolbox-based applications for RISC OS using C++. The library comes with a user guide and reference documentation, and as well as the library itself, there are additional downloads available featuring examples of the library in use, including a program to help produce skeleton projects.

Alan, who is also known for PackMan, an alternative and much more user friendly package manager for downloading and installing software available via the RISC OS packaging project, released version 0.7.3 (alpha) of the library a few days ago, with the main features of the new release including:

  • The binary version is now built using GCC 4.7.4, so anyone using the library will either need to update their compiler to match, or download the source code for the library and build it themselves with their current compiler.
  • Support for using Help with StrongHelp.
  • An OLE client class to support OLE editing.

In addition to these three headline features, there are also a range of bug fixes and improvements to the documentation, as well as further coverage of RISC OS in the existing classes.

The library is released under the ‘X11 licence‘, a permissive licence which allows the library to be used, without charge, in both commercial and non-commercial applications.




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