A double JDServer whoopsie from Mr USB

No, Dave, this is unlikely qualify you for a Broken Cog award when it’s time to set up the 2015 RISC OS Awards. It’s just not poor enough!

Dave Higton recently updated the Help file of JDServer with instructions for using the server from Windows 7 and Mac OS. However, he subsequently realised that he’d messed up his version control, and it’s possible that when people updated they may have reverted to using version 0.07 of the software as a result. Users are therefore asked to check the version in use – and if it is earlier than the latest (0.08, dated 28th April, 2013), download the latest version again. Upgrading is simply a matter of copying the new version over the old.

That’s whoopsie number one. Whoopsie number two is that there was a whoppingly huge omission in the Help file. Previously, there were no instructions on how to connect to JDServer from a RISC OS computer. There are now!

The software acts as a print server, allowing users to share a printer connected directly to a RISC OS computer so that it can be used by all the devices on the network that understand the JetDirect (or Raw) protocol.

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