BookMaker updated to support NetSurf

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Nick Roberts has released version 2.15 of BookMaker, an address book manager for major RISC OS browsers, as well as many email, telnet and FTP clients. This version brings long-awaited support for NetSurf, something that has been sadly lacking due to the way NetSurf works – or, rather, worked; “Thanks are due” says Nick, “to the NetSurf RISC OS developer for implementing the protocols that allow NetSurf and BookMaker to interoperate.”

The help file has been updated, and now includes instructions relating to the newly supported browser: How to configure NetSurf, and how to allow it to share a hotlist with other browsers.

The application is supplied in two basic forms; a standalone version, which is suitable for most users, and a VIXen, which is suitable for users of Orpheus Internet‘s Voyager application, allowing BookMaker to be integrated into the Voyager toolbar.

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