Wakefield club offers meeting videos for remote members

You can virtually attend meetings – but with no interaction. Just like TV!

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club have come up with a new way to encourage membership from afar – by allowing members to virtually attend meetings, albeit after they’ve happened. In other words, they’re making videos of meetings available online for those people who are unable to attend in person.

The meetings the club have made available so far include all those since the April, 2014 meeting, which covered eBooks. The club highlighted the July meeting as an example, in which Matthew Phillips of Sine Nomine visited to talk about mapping software RiscOSM, but other meetings since April have covered such topics as the Arduino and Gertboard (May), interfacing with the Raspberry Pi (June), and multi-platform presentations (August).

Looking back over their past meetings page, the topics can be varied and interesting, so this could be a worthwhile way to benefit from club membership – which, don’t forget, also includes the club newsletter, free entry to meetings (unless you can’t make it, obviously – hence the videos!), and an exclusive club internet discussion forum!

Club membership is priced at £15, with a 50% discount for the first year, bringing that initial outlay down to just £7.50.

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