DeleGate 1.00 launches at London Show

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 21st October, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that version 1.00 of DeleGate will launch at the London Show this weekend.DeleGate, which provides system protection against accidental deletion of files and folders, has been under development since early this year. We are pleased to be able to launch it “officially” at the London Show.

DeleGate protects your computer in a number of ways. The first element is that of a traditional waste basket or desktop “bin”.

Deletions are intercepted as they happen in the filer, and are instead stored in the bin. Bins (yes, plural!) are fully configurable – you can choose where things are stored. You can also set up separate bins on other discs, to avoid having data copied over your network (for example) when you delete on a remote disk.

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DeleGate also incorporates and expands our BootGuard protection system, which we introduced with ARMiniX. This is designed to protect key system files from accidental deletion (eg. key parts of Boot) which might otherwise render your computer unbootable.

This protection can also be configured and extended, to protect files and folders as needed.

DeleGate also provides a flexible “ignore” feature, which allows you to “hard-delete” things from select locations. For example, you might want things in RAM disc or Scrap to be deleted, rather than going to the bin.

To avoid some of the problems that RISC OS bins have had historically, DeleGate uses a “job” system so that each deletion operation is stored separately. This way, if you have a number of files or folders with the same name, they can be handled correctly by the software.

The built-in Recovery program makes it easy to identify such items, and restore them in case of problems. The program knows where they originated, so that they can be quickly restored.

Other features include timed expiry, hot-key override (to hard-delete as needed), and flexible control/configuration.

The software installs transparently onto your computer, integrating with Boot/Configure to give a very smooth experience. It can even run in a “no iconbar” mode so as not to intrude/disturb you.

You can order DeleGate via !Store – see the website  for the RISC OS client software, or buy a “hard copy” at the show this weekend.

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