Genealogy software release at Wakefield 2014

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2014.

R-Comp is pleased to announce a major new software application for release at the Wakefield computer exhibition this weekend – DPGenealogy.

This software is the culmination of many years of software development (nearly 10 years) which first bore fruit with our previous DPGenealogy Records (aka DPGr) software – indeed, DPGr also sees a major upgrade at the same time.

Whereas the older software concentrated on recording your data and assisting in research, DPGenealogy is a more traditional “family tree” building program. But don’t let that fool you – the same fastidious attention to detail found in DPGr holds true in DPGenealogy, allowing the highly comprehensive recording of family history and family relationships. Make no mistake, DPG is designed to be a world class family history program.

The CD release of DPGenealogy at the Wakefield Show will actually include the former DPGr product (in its latest incarnation) on the same CD. This means that you’re actually getting two hugely powerful family history programs together, and they (naturally) share data so that the research that you record in DPGr feeds directly into the family tree that you build in DPGenealogy.

So what are these features that make DPGenealogy stand out?

  • Easy data entry, including drag and drop of text from other sources.
  • Ancestor and Descendant trees, with standard drawfile saving (amongst others).
  • For any given individual you can identify all ‘blood’ relations, earliest ancestors and ‘tree tops’ (ie the earliest ancestors in each branch of the tree).
  • An extensive ‘names’ facility, including aliases, nicknames, titles and married names which can all be indexed in a dedicated ‘Names Index’.
  • An unlimited number of events can be recorded for each individual or family.
  • A ‘Scrapbook’ to hold photographs, recordings etc. for each individual or family.
  • An integrated address or location database that can hold detailed information, including maps, photographs etc.
  • A structured referencing system that allows you to fully document your data and sources with minimal effort.
  • An extensive searching and sorting capability provided by the underlying database engine, which allows you to make full use of your data.
  • Accessing and analysing your information is significantly enhanced by the ability to ‘tag’ individuals and families, either temporarily (‘marked’) or permanently (as ‘flags’).
  • Reporting in standard formats including CSV and TSV (for easy transfer of data into spreadsheets or word processors).
  • Data can be imported from other family history programmes via a standard ‘Gedcom’ file.
  • Understands downloaded results imported from web-based family history research sources.
  • Create multiple family history projects and drag’n’drop data between. This allows you to work on temporary data before incorporating it into your main family tree.
  • Links to DPGenealogy Records, which allows you to electronically store all your family history research as you go, and analyse it to make family connections.
  • DPG Records now includes a mobile “travel” component which also works on Windows (as well as RISC OS). This allows you to take your family history research “on the road” and record information you find on-site when visiting libraries, parish records, burial sites and so on. When you’re back home, this information can then be easily merged back into your family history research.

To quote one of the testers – “What (the author) has achieved is quite astonishing.” – you can tell that this project has been a labour of love, and we’re just pleased to finally be able to let everyone enjoy the facilities it offers.

DP Genealogy costs £49 with two printed manuals. Existing DPGr owners can upgrade for £30, or £35 with the new printed manuals.

All being well, Wakefield show visitors will be able to meet the author, and test-drive the software to see just what it is capable of.

We look forward to seeing you at Wakefield 2014!

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