NewsUK and WeatherUK applications released

I wonder where in the world they would be of most use?

Malcolm Hussain-Gambles released two new applications during 2013:

The first, released initially in alpha form as BBCNews via the RISC OS Open Ltd forum, eventually became NewsUK. after it was pointed out by Steve Revill that the BBC might not be too happy with their brand being used unofficially in this way. The application is an RSS reader that Malcolm wrote as an initial test of using socket code under RISC OS, and which he therefore considers a “proof of concept” application that will help him develop others.

NewsUK isn’t a generic RSS reader, which means it isn’t designed to be configured to read any other feeds, but is specifically written to read the BBC’s news feed (hence its original name), displaying the featured image and initial text in panels in its main window. Clicking on a panel causes the relevant page on the BBC’s website to be displayed in the user’s web browser.

WeatherUK, the second app, is described by Malcolm as a derivative of NewsUK, and is “another prototyping application, to assist with development.” This application performs a very similar job, but instead of the BBC’s news feed, it fetches the BBC’s weather forecast, displaying the weather for today, tomorrow and the day after in three panels. Clicking in a panel again loads the relevant page into the user’s web browser.

Clicking menu over the window (or over the application on the icon bar) allows the location for the weather forecast to be changed – though the possible locations are offered in a somewhat strange order.

Both applications can be downloaded from Malcolm’s PaymentLabs website, where they can be found on the pages linked above, or via R-Comp’s !Store.

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