CPUClock 1.01

Announcement from Chris Johnson, 12th November, 2013

When I first produced CPUClock about a year ago, it only worked on the BeagleBoard. The PandaBoard OMAP4 ROM did not implement the SWI Portable_Speed2 fully at the time. Having now obtained a PandaBoard ES, I find that the SWI is now fully implemented, and CPUClock now works on the more recent ROM versions of the PandaBoard. I add below an extract from the original announcement.

What is CPUClock?

From the days of the A4, RISC OS has been able to switch between 2 CPU speeds – fast and slow – depending on how hard the OS thinks the CPU is working. In the more recent versions of RISC OS 5 the ‘Portable’ SWI calls have been extended to allow more control of the CPU. With modern hardware such as the BB (or PB), there are a range of processor speeds that can be selected.

CPUClock has a status window that shows the configured FAST and SLOW cpu speeds (in MHz). It also shows the ‘current’ cpu speed (updated every second). It is instructive to watch as the OS switches the cpu between fast and slow speeds as the processor load changes. It is also possible to change the FAST and SLOW settings, e.g. if the processor is heating up in high ambient temperature.

Version 1.01 of CPUClock can be downloaded from my website (mirror).

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