Choose your default VKeyboard

Kevin Wells has released version 1.07 of his virtual keyboard application, which provides a means on current RISC OS computers to ‘type’ with the mouse – and if you’re using a touchscreen device that is able to pass taps to RISC OS as though they’re clicks, to ‘taptype’.

With this release, VKeyboard allows a default keyboard to be set – with options for the keys to show (and respond as) all caps, lower case, or shifted. A menu also allows a layout to be set, and once you’ve configured the keyboard how you prefer, a button becomes available to make the current settings default.

Kevin is currently considering adding a numeric keypad option, but is unsure how to proceed – he’s trying to decide between making the window bigger with a numeric keypad to the right of the main keyboard (just like a normal full-size keyboard), making the numeric keypad a pane that appears to the right of the main window (I suppose a bit like a USB-connected numeric keypad add-on that can be bought to provide a keypad for laptops), or an option to replace the keyboard with the keypad (the closest real-world equivalent I can think of is those smaller keyboards, where the numeric keypad doubles up with the right hand keys – press a function or lock button and they become numeric).

If you use the software and have a view, there are contact details on Kevin’s website – and if you want to thank him for that software, you can do so by ordering some merchandise via his Spreadshirt shop, or by donating via Ko-fi.

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