Can you help with a new RISC OS Welcome Guide? (Updated)

Uncle Sam Chris needs you!

Something missing for users of new RISC OS computer systems is an up to date welcome guide – and CJE Micro’s have stepped in to try and address the issue.

With the agreement of Castle and RISC OS Open, CJE Micro’s aim to coordinate bringing the Iyonix Welcome Guide up to date, and making it available for all new users of systems based around the Raspberry Pi, PandaBoard and BeagleBoard – not to mention any systems that have yet to appear (or have RISC OS ported to them).

Chris Evans explains that the existing text is in Ovation Pro format, and he is looking for one or more people who will be able to edit and update that text, as well as provide new text and screen shots where appropriate. The new guide will be based on RISC OS 5.19, so would-be contributors will therefore need access to that version of RISC OS for screen shots, and Ovation Pro for editing or updating and adding to the text of the Welcome Guide.

One task that needs to be done is to ‘de-specify’ the Iyonix in the text, to make it more generic in terms of the platform in use, with hardware specific sections planned. Doing this means just a small section will need to be updated to cover each hardware configuration in use, rather than those changes having to be made throughout the text for each platform.

It’s expected that de-specifying the Iyonix will take just a couple of hours at most, and that the longer job will be writing additional sections, covering such things as SDFS, FAT32FS and the package management system.

If you think you can help with any of this – noting that this is a way to help further the RISC OS cause without needing an ability to program – then please contact CJE Micro’s!

Update: Chris Evans will be attending the next meeting of ROUGOL – The RISC OS User Group of London – which takes place tomorrow, June 17th, at the Blue Eyed Maid (upstairs in the Spice Lounge Restaurant), 173 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1HR. The meeting is set to begin at around 7:45pm, and Chris will be talking about the plans for the guide, and how even non-technical users can get involved to help bring it up to date. Chris will also be presenting details of CJE’s PandaRO and RaspberryRO PandaBoard and Raspberry Pi based computer packages, and all things Raspberry Pi.

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