PDF pre-release test version available

Putting your money currency symbol where your mouth space is.

A new, test version of PDF, has been made available as a direct download by Chris Gransden, with the app itself cunningly renamed as PDFTest to avoid confusion and to enable it to be run alongside the the existing version for comparison purposes.

 PDF is an application for viewing Portable Document Format files – sometimes also known as ‘Acrobat’ files. Initially developed for RISC OS by Leo Smiers, PDF was based on an open source program called xpdf by Derek B Noonburg, and further developed from there.

The test version released by Chris features a number of changes over the last released version, including the back-end of PDF now being based on the Poppler v0.20.0 PDF rendering library (which itself is based on the xpdf-3.0 code base), and the option of PDF files being displayed in ‘bitmap’ mode, whereby the page being viewed is first rendered as a bitmap, and that displayed.

And for those pondering the emboldened comment at the top of the page, apparently one bug in all versions of PDF below 1.25 is that the Euro symbol is displayed as a space.

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