Lcheck updated

Not yet able to predict next week’s numbers.

Kevin Wells has released a new version of his lottery syndicate checking application, Lcheck.

Written to work for the UK National Lottery, Thunderball and Euro Millions draws, Lcheck will compare your syndicate numbers to see if they match the numbers from those draws, bringing any lines that do to your attention.

New in version 1.07 is the ability to make use of wget and an internet connection in order to fetch the last 11 draws from the main Lottery, Thunderball and Plus 5 draws, saving the user the need to manually enter them. Kevin plans to add a similar facility for the Euro Millions draw at a later date.

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  1. The reason for the delay for the Euro Millions draw is that the last field in their csv download file is for the Millionaire raffle and sometimes they have multple draws for that, which until the next one occurs I’m not sure how best to sort this.

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