Synchronise those directories with DirSync 1.10

Jan-Jaap van der Geer has released the latest version of DirSync, an application that allows two directory structures to be compared visually, enabling you to filter the differences you see in several ways so that it only shows you newer files, for example, or only files that appear in one of the two directories, and so on. The software then allows you to specify which files should be the same in both places and, where necessary, which version should be copied to the other location, and then synchronise the two directories.

Version 1.10 of DirSync has been compiled to be ARMv7 compatible, and should therefore run on BeagleBoard and ARMini computers, and it sports a new feature in the form of a ‘DirectSync’ option, which provides the ability to synchronise two directories without that initial inspection.

This is the first release of DirSync that has been released as a RISC OS package. To install it, you must first download and run a package manager, such as Alan Buckley’s PackMan, or the original RiscPkg. You will then be able to find the DirSync and DSDiff packages, and the package manager will take care of the rest: Downloading the software and any dependencies, and installing everything, leaving you to just run the application itself once that is done.

If you prefer not to use a package manager, as is the case for some, the packages themselves (amongst many others), can be found here, and you should be able to open with SparkPlug or SparkFS.


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