Bristol RISC OS Users announce an initial informal meeting

Following on from discussions that began about a year ago and which led initially to the creation of a mailing list to bring together RISC OS users in and around the Bristol area, an initial meeting has been announced for those users – so if you are a RISC OS user in that area, the date to note in your diaries is Wednesday 26th January, 7:15pm for 7:30pm, and the venue the Air Balloon pub in Filton, Bristol – which is very easy to find. The following is the announcement that has been posted to comp.sys.acorn.announce:

Bristol Area RISC OS Users meeting – Wed 26 Jan

Happy New Year!

Some of you will be aware of recent discussions on our mailing list. As a result, our first meeting has been arranged as follows.

Theme : Can the old Bristol group be reborn?

Date : Wed 26 Jan 2011

Time : 19:15 for 19:30

Venue : Air Balloon, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PY (northwest of the A38/A4174 roundabout)

Admittance: free

The venue seems readily accessible by all modes of transport.

The meeting will be informal in nature. However (amongst other things) we may chat about:

  1. RISC OS in 2011 – how can users influence RISCOS Ltd. and RISC OS Open?
  2. What aspects of “old Acorn thinking” are of value today?
  3. Can the old Bristol group be reborn?
  4. Forthcoming shows.
  5. Meetings programme – visitors, topics, technical assistance.
  6. Meeting dates, times, venue.

Items (5) and (6) will obviously be subject to the outcome of the discussion under (3).

The meeting is open to all interested in RISC OS computers. Attendees are welcome to bring hardware along but as this is the first meeting, no arrangements are in place for use of a function room or similar. Please don’t expect to be able to plug anything into the mains or to have a clear table to use.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Vince Hudd & Trevor Johnson

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One Thought to “Bristol RISC OS Users announce an initial informal meeting”

  1. To repeat what I said on the BRU mailing list:

    Many thanks to those who attended the first informal meeting last night – six of us in total, sat around a table in a nice pub having a drink and a natter.

    Topics discussed varied, including things such as what happened with the old BARUG group, the merits and demerits of VirtualRiscPC, the effort that has been put into porting RISC OS to the BeagleBoard and the effort (and time) that would be needed to port it to other new designs… and much more.

    I think I can safely speak for everyone who attended and say that it was a successful evening – with the last of us heading home at kicking out time.

    We have decided that the next meeting will take place at the same venue, at around the same time, on Wednesday March 16th. As last night, it will be purely informal – a group of like minded people meeting up for a drink and a natter. So that’s:

    Date: Wed 16 March 2011
    Time: 19:15 for 19:30
    Venue: Air Balloon, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PY (northwest of the A38/A4174 roundabout)

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