Sophie Wilson at the RISC OS South West Show 2011

South West Show 2011 Banner
South West Show 2011 Banner

If did awards, then the South West Show would surely win the one for the most under-publicized event in the RISC OS calendar, and the one for the most last minute announcement of a show – but it turns out to be an announcement that was well worth the wait.

The date of the show – as previously confirmed by looking at the Wessex ARM User Group website while looking for something else – is the 5th March 2011, and it will take place at its usual venue, the Webbington Hotel, Loxton in Somerset. However, it seems an official announcement has finally been made by RISCOS Ltd – and despite my criticism of the timing, all credit to Paul Middleton for arranging for none other than Sophie Wilson to attend as the guest of honour.

The plan is that she will be speaking in the theatre from 2:30pm, which probably means the main hall will be all but empty from that point while exhibitors and visitors alike will be doing their best to impersonate sardines as they try to be a part of the audience for her talk, unless the alternative and possibly more sensible approach is taken of moving that talk to the main hall.

The official announcement may have come late in the day, but provided this is publicised as widely as possible, having Sophie Wilson as a guest speaker could boost visitor numbers to this, the first RISC OS show of 2011.

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